'American Idol': Ex-Boybander Brings Katy Perry to Her Feet in New Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

This contestant gets the "Firework" pop star feeling the music on an all-new American Idol.

Being on American Idol means laying it all on the line. Singer Colin Jamieson is taking big risks to try and make his American Idol dreams come true.

In this exclusive sneak peek from Monday's new Showstopper round, Jamieson opens up about his life and his backstory before showing off his rocker chops with his big swing.

"In my early teenage years, I was in a boy band," shares Jamieson, who performed with a group called Kik-It. "And I was in that band for about five years. It was just a blast."

However, it was after the boy band stopped that Jamieson began asking the important questions regarding his career, such as, "How can I invest in myself now?"

"And that's really when I fell in love with music for me, and not for other people," he explains.

The big risk Jamieson takes is trying to show off his vocal skills with a rock song. Specifically, he belts out "Sugar, We’re Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy, and he really gives it his all.

While it may be an unconventional choice, Idol judge Katy Perry clearly feels the performance as she gets out of her chair to dance along. Meanwhile, Lionel Richie -- who's watching remotely from home after a possible COVID-19 exposure -- is also cheering Jamieson on.

Will the Fall Out Boy hit be a gamble that pays off for Jamieson? Find out on Monday when the judges finish narrowing down the Top 24.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.