'America's Got Talent' Premiere: Family Band's Tribute to Their Late Mom Brings Mel B to Tears

Mel B brought to tears during 'America's Got Talent' premiere on May 29

Check out the emotional original song that made the 'AGT' judge cry during the reality show's season 13 premiere on Tuesday.

America's Got Talent got deeply emotional during its season premiere on Tuesday with a performance from the sibling band We Three that brought judge Mel B to tears.

Joshua, Bethany and Manny took the stage with guitars and mics in hand to perform a song written from a place of love and a great deal of loss.

The three siblings got the idea for forming a band from their father, who was also in a sibling band in which their mom worked the soundboard during their performances and recording sessions.

"Before we could even walk, we were immersed in music," Bethany, 24, explained in a pre-taped package that played before their performance.

"As we got older, mom and dad helped up learn instruments, and then eventually we started performing with each other," Joshua, 27, recalled.

"Mom, she had a beautiful voice and she was so supportive of us," Bethany shared. "Then, in 2015, she had severe back pain. She went to the doctor and they found large masses throughout her body."

After seeking medical advice, their mother was diagnosed with stage 4 carcinoma cancer and wasn't given long to live. 

"We had kind of a shocking four months with her before she passed. Which was way shorter than we were expecting," Bethany shared. 

By getting on stage in front of America, We Three are getting a chance to pay tribute to the legacy their mom left behind and honor her memory.

"This is an opportunity to celebrate her and the hope that we have that we're gonna get to see her again," Josh shared.

Their deeply moving original song, "Heaven's Not Too Far Away," is written from the point of view of their late mother speaking to her children after her death, and with amazing vocals performed by Manny and Bethany, the song brought many in the audience to tears.

Their father was watching from the wings offstage with host Tyra Banks, and neither of them were able to keep back their emotions as the band performed the heartbreaking tune.

When it came time to get feedback from the judges, the band received universal praise, especially from Mel B.

"I lost my father over a year ago to cancer, so I felt like that song was just meant for me and my dad was singing that to me," the former Spice Girls star shared, as she openly cried. "So I just felt it, I'm shaking. It's really, really good."

Mel B later gave them a 'yes' vote while choking back tears, and encouraged the group with a heartfelt "well done" as they walked off stage after getting voted through to the next round.

Before the show cut to a commercial break, a shaken Mel B asked for a few moments to compose herself in private and walked out of the auditorium.

The singer's father, Martin Brown, died in March 2017 after a five-year battle with multiple myeloma cancer. He was 63. Watch the video below to see the British songstress' tribute to her beloved father.