'America's Got Talent': Here Are the Final Five Acts Moving On to the Season 15 Semifinals

Host Terry Crews on 'America's Got Talent' Season 14
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America's Got Talent returned Wednesday night, and ET is following along throughout the hour-long episode to break down all the biggest and most surprising moments from the fourth and final exciting night of results from the season 15 quarterfinals.

The show's panel of judges -- including Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum -- and host Terry Crews are presiding over the show as America finds out who will be moving on to the semifinals, and who will get sent packing.

Out of 11 acts, only five will get to keep their AGT dreams alive, and will have another chance to show off their skills during the semifinals. Will it be Alex Hooper, the comedian who got on Vergara's nerves? Will it be the inspiring Divas and Drummers of Compton? Or perhaps it will be the soulful songstress Celina, with a style and voice all her own.

The fun kicked off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET to find out which acts earned a shot at the big time and which acts will have to try again next year.

The Final Five

6:01 PM:

Well that was exciting!

Here's the final breakdown of who's moving on to the finals after tonight's results show:

- Country songstress Kenadi Dodds.

- Spoken word poet Brandon Leake.

- Country duo Broken Roots.

- Singer Celina.

- Acrobatic trio The Bello Sisters.

They are among the Top 20 acts who will be facing off in the semifinals and for a chance at the top prize!

The Judges' Save

5:59 PM:

With the  judges' vote, it all comes down to The Bello Sisters and Resound.

Sofia gives her vote to the acrobatic dancers while Heidi sides with Resound.

Meaning the decision falls on Howie and, with the pressure crushing him, he finally casts his vote for The Bello Sisters! Meaning they are moving on to the final spot in the semifinals.

The Dunkin' Save

5:51 PM:

After a full night of voting, the act who America has decided should move on is...

... Celina! The golden voiced songstress has a powerful spirit and she can hardly contain her excitement, sharing, "I can't wait to sing for you again!"

While Celina takes the fourth spot, it now all comes down to the judges' vote.

The Ventriloquist Sketch

5:46 PM:

For some reason, they decide to have Sofia and Darci Lynne Farmer do some funny, goofy ventriloquist sketch.

It's sort of a just random time filler -- until Howie joins in with his Simon Cowell puppet, which is covered in bandages and mostly he just pokes fun at Simon's accent and accident.

That arbitrary moment truly saves the skit.

The Night's Big Number

5:40 PM:

AGT loves to pair a big music star with an unrelated but impressive past act. This week, they're having the country crooner Cam sing while the death defying Duo Transcend perform in the background.

While Cam's soulful singing might seem like an odd choice to couple with two married, blindfolded aerialists hanging from a rope over wall of fire, it really actually works great!

The Next Acts Progress

5:32 PM:

For the second results showdown of the night, insult comic Alex Hooper is pitted against the Lightwave Theatre Company and the country duo Broken Roots.

It is definitely a mismatched group, but Broken Roots managed to pull out a win, sending Alex and the Lightwave Theatre Company packing.

However, the next grouping is even tougher. Spoken word poet Brandon Leake is grouped with the Divas & Drummers of Compton and the CA Wildcats.

However, despite not having the spectacle of dance, Brandon's poetry apparently spoke to enough voters and he secures a spot in the semifinals.

"I have never been more moved in my life by any other act on this show," Howie tells Brandon. "We need you on this show, we need you in this world, and we need you in the semifinals."

The Different Dunkin'

5:28 PM:

Usually, Terry and the contestants partying up in the Dunkin' lounge (in one of the most overt examples of product placement ever, but that's fine). 

However, coronavirus changes a lot, and this time it's just lowkey chat interviews. So... that's different. 

The First Elimination

5:21 PM:

The first pairing puts young country singer Kenadi Dodds up against dancer Noah Epps.

Kenadi is already in tears before the results were announced, and she can hardly contain herself when Terry announced she'd be moving on.

Sadly, this means Noah's journey is over, but considering his wild viral success from his performance earlier this season, it's clear he's got a bright future.

Now, only four more slots are open for the semifinals!

The Bottom Three

5:13 PM:

Before the results really kick off, Terry always introduces us to the three acts who are in jeopardy, and are eligible for the Dunkin' Save, and a judge's save.

This week, the trio of acts who find themselves "on the bubble" -- as Terry puts it -- are particularly surprising.

The masterful acrobatic trio The Bello Sisters, the powerhouse vocalist Celina, and the singing group Resound all ended up in jeopardy and it stunned the judges.

We know at least two will be moving on, but it's going to a close fight.

The Last Batch

5:01 PM:

Here we are on the last results show of the season 15 quarterfinals, and we have to much to look forward to!

Who will be moving on to the next round?

Will Simon Cowell be making an appearance?

Who will earn the Dunkin' Save?

Terry Crews has his best, most shiny magenta suit, and the virtual audience is ready to go! (After the recaps are done, that is.)

For more on this unique season of America's Got Talent, check out the video below. 


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