'America's Got Talent' Winner Michael Grimm Hospitalized and Unconscious Amid Health Issue

Grimm is reportedly sedated amid a mystery illness.

Michael Grimm, the season 5 winner of America's Got Talent, is currently hospitalized and sedated amid a mysterious illness.

The 44-year-old singer's wife, Lucie Zolverva-Grimm, took to her husband's Instagram account on Tuesday and shared an update with friends and family about Grimm's condition. He's currently in intensive care and has been hospitalized since Memorial Day. In the video, Lucie described Grimm as not feeling well for some time, saying he was looking "sickly" and was "fussy."

At first, Lucie said, she thought Grimm may have had a stroke but "that wasn't the case." She said there were signs he wasn't feeling well, like lacking energy and struggling to finish recent performances. It got to the point that he could barely walk and struggled to even lift his head.

He was then taken to the hospital where his health continued to decline. He started talking "gibberish" and his blood pressure skyrocketed, landing him in the ICU, where he's currently staying. Lucie said the good news is that Grimm was taken off a ventilator on Tuesday but remains sedated.

As he's been bedridden for over a week now, Lucie says her husband will have to undergo physical therapy. Lucie said "he is improving, so that is good. It's just taking time."

Lucie, who said she's physically and emotionally exhausted, said she takes solace in that Grimm is surrounded by a phenomenal team of doctors and nurses. His June concerts in Las Vegas have been canceled, as well as his Fourth of July concert in Arizona. Lucie said she won’t cancel anything in August just yet in case Grimm improves enough by then.

Grimm was born in Colorado but raised in Mississippi. He was 30 when he won season 5 of America's Got Talent, after dedicating "When A Man Loves a Woman" to his then-girlfriend Lucie. He beat out child singer Jackie Evancho, and Grimm would go on to compete in America's Got Talent: The Champions, though was eliminated early in the competition.