Amy Roloff on What She Learned From Her First Marriage and Why She Chose to Wed on Her Ex's Farm (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Amy and her husband, Chris, about their wedding, their new special and how Chris has integrated himself into the family.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are basking in that newlywed bliss! The stars of Little People, Big World spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura about having their wedding on the farm, their new TLC special and what Amy has learned from her first marriage.

"Roloff Farms wasn't always an absolute 'no,' regardless. It was on the back-burner, a plan B type of thing, because we did have other places where we were looking at. And then by the time we picked a date, those other places went by the wayside. So, Roloff Farms rose to the top. But, to Chris's credit, he really helped me see it in a different perspective," Amy admitted of having their wedding on the family farm she shared with her ex, Matt Roloff. "I mean, I've raised my kids there. I've been on that farm for many, many years, but it's also where we met. It's also where our relationship grew and became what it was. So to solidify it, and start our married life with our wedding there, and then going off into the sunset, makes sense."

Amy revealed that it was actually Matt who offered the farm up for their special day. And while the former couple definitely went through their fair share of ups and downs before getting to where they are now, the reality TV star shared that their divorce provided her with some valuable wisdom she's taking into her new journey with Chris.

"I think the one thing that I was very happy and very proud of and definitely hung onto, well, two things maybe. Number one was my faith, but number two was so many women can look down upon themselves that they're not worthy," she shared. "They're not good enough. Something must have been wrong or whatever the reason may be, and I came out of it. It's something that broke. It's something that didn't work out, but I'm still good. I'm a good person. I have a heart. Something got lost along the way, but to end a relationship like that in the public eye and still come out. I'm OK with just me. If I never have that opportunity to find someone, I'm good with me. I like being with me."

Through their journey, Chris has also integrated and been accepted into the big, extended Roloff family, something he said he's "so grateful for."

"I enjoy being a part of that family. And I'm so grateful that they've all seemed to accept me." Chris gushed. "I just look forward to the years ahead, just getting closer and growing together."

Amy initially worried that her kids and grandkids wouldn't like the man she chose to move on with, so having them love and accept Chris is the "cherry on the cake" for her.

"For me, it's just like the cherry on the cake and everything, because being divorced and hoping one day I would find that special someone. I wanted to be somewhat prepared and mentally prepared, that I may love someone, but it won't be guaranteed that my kids will like who their mom chose or the grandkids and stuff," she shared. "My heart is just overflowing with such thankfulness and love that over the five years that we've been dating and knowing each other, the kids have been able to get to know Chris and know Mom's going to be OK. She picked a great guy. And for them to be so accepting of him, and embracing him within the family and everything. I'm overjoyed, really, because family and my kids are everything to me."

With their new special, the newlyweds are looking forward to reliving their big day and sharing their love story and the growth of their relationship and their family with the world.

"I hope what people see throughout this whole thing is a love story. This is my second one, and this is Chris's first, but I think just the growth of our relationship, through the episodes and prior seasons and now being able to be part of this wedding special," Amy explained. "I just hope they see a love story that has grown, has solidified, and I don't know, just happy. We all know relationships take work but it's so worth it."

See their love story unfold when Little People, Big World: Amy & Chris's Happily Ever After premieres Nov. 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET on TLC.