Amy Schumer Gets Her Cheek Fillers Dissolved

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Amy Schumer is saying goodbye to cheek filler! The comedian took to Instagram Sunday to reveal that she was getting the cheek filler she had put in her face dissolved, joking that her plumper cheeks made her look like "Maleficent."

"I tried getting fillers. Turns out I was already full," Schumer shared alongside a photo of her cheeks covered in numbing cream. "Thank God you can dissolve them I looked like #malificent thanks @drjlodnp."

Schumer's dermatologist, Dr. LoGerfo, also shared the photo and explained the procedure of dissolving fillers, which are often injected into the skin to soften wrinkles.

"Using dermal filler can be a wonderful way to replace lost volume and enhance the face, but filler placement is extremely important!" the dermatologist wrote.

"@amyschumer came to me after having filler elsewhere and we decided that where the filler was placed, was not ideal, so we dissolved it! 💉Dissolving filler is a very simple and quick treatment. I injected hyaluronidase (an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid) to dissolve it!❤️💫"

Schumer's post was met with plenty of comments from fans and her famous fans alike including Isla Fisher, who wrote, "You are so beautiful! No fillers needed and Bachelor Nation's Ashley Iaconetti who commented, "Hahaha love this and have dissolved multiple times!"

Schumer responded to some of the commenters, including one who asked her why she decided to get filler in the first place.

"Something about this year," the mom of one wrote, sharing that turning 40 and having surgery to remove her uterus and appendix to treat her endometriosis, has given her a different perspective on "getting work done."

"I want to feel the best I can about myself. It's a lifelong thing. I got lipo and had a great experience doing that," she went on to say in the comment. "I used to be really judgmental about people getting work done. Now I'm like, do everything you can to love yourself exactly as you are but once you turn 40 and have a C-section do whatever the f**k will make you feel best!"

Schumer has been open about the procedures she's undergone, cosmetic or otherwise, sharing with Instagram followers in April, that she was undergoing a coolsculpting treatment with Dr. Amy Wechsler to get rid of her "double chin."

"I just want to say that I’m blessed with the way I look and I’m not gonna be one of those people that gets stuff done. And no offense to the women that do," she joked in the video, showing off the fat-freezing machine. "This is not what you think. It’s not … this is just how I like to rest my head because it feels good. This is the only way I can really relax. It’s not that I’m getting my double chin addressed in a way. So don’t worry about it."


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