Amy Schumer Talks Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars While at Met Gala With Venus Williams (Exclusive)

The comedian and tennis legend had a coordinating look at the luxury event in New York City.

Amy Schumer shed a little more light on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, and the comedian offered the insight while rocking a boss look alongside tennis legend Venus Williams.

The pair donned coordinating looks Monday at the Met Gala, alongside Mexican-Chilean climate activist Xiye Bastida and fashion designer Gabriela Hearst. Schumer and Williams spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about the slap 'heard round the world and, of course, their gala attire.

Schumer, one of three co-hosts at this year's Oscars where Smith physically confronted Rock following a joke directed at Jada Pinkett Smith, has previously recalled where she was on the night the episode unfolded and how it affected her. When asked on the red carpet at the Met Gala if she's spoken to Rock since the incident, Schumer offered some encouraging words.

"Chris is good," Schumer said. "He's such a badass and I'm so proud of him. I'm proud of what [fellow Oscars hosts] Wanda [Sykes] and Regina [Hall] and I did that night."

As for Williams, the 41-year-old tennis icon sidestepped the question when asked the same question, and instead opted to talk about how King Richard deftly portrayed her family's story. 

"I mean, I'm so proud of the film and it really represents my family and my father so well," she said, "and we couldn't have been happier to bring home an Oscar." And, now that awards season is over, Williams can finally breathe.


"Oh my gosh, you know, just trying to catch my breath," she said. "It was really busy, really crazy, and really rewarding and here we are again tonight. It's kind of my first time out since. So, yeah."

The four women -- Schumer, Williams, Bastida and Hearst -- donned "main fabrics for all four bespoke Chloé looks" designed by Hearst herself as they nailed the night's theme ("In America: An Anthology of Fashion" for the Met's Costume Institute). 

According to French fashion house Chloé, the outfits were created at the fashion house's studio in Paris "and made from existing Chloé stocks -- no new materials were ordered."

According to Chloé's Instagram, Schumer wore a black silk cady dress with silk satin whipstitch detail while Williams wore a black tuxedo suit and matching corset cut from grain-de-poudre tailoring with a silk satin reverse and macramé tuxedo insert down the leg. Bastida wore a black tuxedo suit cut from wool silk tailoring with a silk satin reverse styled with a deadstock silk satin and crêpe de chine macramé top. Hearst is Chloé's creative director.

"This was Gabriela's vision," Williams said. "She wanted us to look like very powerful women and I think that we do. And then Amy came up with the glasses, so she's the director of it all."