Andie MacDowell Becomes a First-Time Grandma After Son Justin Welcomes a Daughter

Andie MacDowell and Justin Qualley
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for National Women's History Museum

The actress announced her grandchild was on the way back in June.

Andie MacDowell is officially a grandma! On Tuesday's episode of the Today show, the 64-year-old actress revealed that her son, Justin Qualley, and his partner, Nicolette, recently welcomed their first child, a baby girl.

"I just spent Christmas with her," MacDowell said of her granddaughter. "I've never had somebody look into me and see my soul like that. It was definitely a soul-to-soul connection."

As for what she would like the little one to call her, MacDowell said, "I haven't decided yet. She can't speak yet. I'm going to give her time. I'm thinking Nana or Grandma. Not Granny. [But] it's up to her."

The Groundhog Day actress shares 37-year-old Justin, as well as Rainey, 32, and Margaret, 28, with her ex-husband, Paul Qualley. She announced her grandchild was on the way in a June Instagram post.

"My son plants fruit trees that's how he has fun. Nicolette and Justin are down to earth in every way. They are always there for their friends and family. Pure goodness in the coolest way!" MacDowell captioned pics of the couple. "Montana provides the perfect home for them and the quiet solitude they deserve. When so much of the world is looking for attention they are looking for each other & are waiting for the perfect gift their child."

"My son never looks at his phone, he does not live a life online. He has been a blessing and a gift to me from the very beginning. The best thing that ever happened to me. AND I cannot wait to meet my granddaughter!" she continued. "I am so extremely grateful for my three children and their father. My children are the best part of my life. I am constantly learning from them, they are my greatest teachers. My job, my work is wonderful but my children are my life. I cannot wait to meet my sweet new grandchild. I’m so proud of all three of my children. and I love and I’m proud of sweet Nicolette too!!!"