Andrew Cuomo Says He Was 'Somewhere Between a Father and a Brother' for Chris Growing Up

Andrew and Chris Cuomo
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HBO

'It was a lot at one time.'

Andrew Cuomo has always been close to his brother, Chris Cuomo. The 62-year-old governor of New York called into the The Howard Stern Show and opened up about his relationship with the CNN anchor, who was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus.

"I'm 13 years older than Chris. So my father was governor, I'm 13 years older, which means he's five, I'm 18. I could have been his father almost," Andrew said. "So my father was very busy. I felt for Chris, because he was much younger and on his own. So I was somewhere between a father and a brother role always. And it was a lot at one time."

"It was a lot to handle," he continued. "I was always helping my father. I was his campaign manager. I was working with him in what he was doing... And then you had Chris who's sort of left at home. And I felt for him and his plight. So balancing all of that was a lot. But he's a really special human being." 

Lately, the brothers have made headlines for Andrew's often entertaining appearances on Chris' show amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the politician said that their rapport is "100 percent genuine."

"I don't even have an alternative. That is how I relate to him, period," he said. "And that's how I feel -- it's just pure, genuine, authentic. And he is a funny guy, and we do get into this rhythm. We go right back to childhood."

A source recently told ET that, though joking moments happen during their interviews, both brothers take their jobs "very seriously."

"Both brothers know the responsibility they have during this global crisis and they take their jobs seriously," the source said. "Chris has lighthearted moments during interviews with his brother, but isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions and hold him accountable. They both respect what the other does, and both are extremely proud of one another despite the ribbing.”

Watch the video below for more on the Cuomo brothers.