Andy Cohen Is Single Again (Exclusive)

The ‘Love Connection’ host confirms to ET that he and his longtime boyfriend, whom he called ‘Brazilian Andy Samberg,’ have split, and shares his dating wish list.

Andy Cohen is back on the market.

“Yes, I am single again,” the Watch What Happens Live host confesses to ET, on set of Love Connection.

Cohen first revealed he was dating Harvard University grad student Clifton Dassuncao, whom he affectionately called “Brazilian Andy Samberg” due to his resemblance to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, in his 2016 memoir, Superficial: More Adventures From the Andy Cohen Diaries. The pair kept their romance relatively low profile, never posting on social media together. They were also only photographed by paparazzi once, while on vacation together in 2016.

While Cohen didn’t offer up any insight into why he and Dassuncao split -- noting “I didn’t sign up for a reality show” -- he did share what he’s looking for in a potential partner.

“Someone who’s very independent, someone who has their own thing going on,” he says. “Maybe someone who’s never seen The Real Housewives.”

The 49-year-old tacked on “handsome” to that wish list, too, joking that he’s looking for his “Jew-FK, Jr.,” a nod to his celebrity crush, John F. Kennedy, Jr. But, don’t expect to see Cohen looking for love on TV. He says he won’t let the Love Connection team turn the tables on him.

“I don’t want to kiss on camera,” he says. “I don’t think so.”

Love Connection returns to Fox for season two this summer. For more on Cohen, check out the video and links below.


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