Andy Cohen Opens Up About Giving Anderson Cooper His Son's Hand-Me-Downs, Including the Nanny (Exclusive)

ET exclusively spoke with the 'Watch What Happens Live' host via Zoom this week.

Andy Cohen loves being a dad, so he couldn't be happier to watch his friends follow in his footsteps.

ET spoke with the Watch What Happens Live host via Zoom earlier this week, shortly after he announced on his SiriusXM show that he will be doing a virtual Radio Andy Theater, airing live on Thursday. During our interview, he opened up about what it's like seeing his pal, Anderson Cooper, as a dad, and whether he has met the CNN anchor's newborn son, Wyatt, yet.

"I have seen him from afar, but I have not gotten to snuggle with him," Cohen tells ET's Nischelle Turner. "He is so cute!"

Cohen revealed that he recently sent Cooper some baby clothes, after his own son, 1-year-old Benjamin, outgrew them. While sharing parenting tips, he even gave Cooper the contact info for his nanny!

"[Wyatt] is wearing all of Ben's hand-me-downs, and he's got a great wardrobe ready for him," Cohen explains. "It is so funny because I just sent Anderson a picture of Ben in his pajamas this morning, and I said, 'Do you like these?' He goes, 'I love them, I can't wait!'"

"So, we have a little funnel of clothes from my house to his ... and my nanny now works for Anderson," he continues. "We FaceTimed today for about a half an hour. We either FaceTime or talk on the phone, and we text all the time."

Cohen continued on, marveling over Cooper's amazing parenting skills thus far.

"This is what I expected. I expected him to just love it, and be tickled and be sweet," he gushes. "It's exactly what I thought would happen."

"I think I would love to have another [of my own]," he adds. "It's kind of a weird time, surrogacy just passed in New York, so, you know, we will see."

Parenting aside, Cohen is also excited for his virtual Radio Andy Theater show, which kicks off Thursday and will be focused on season 12, episode 4 of The Real Housewives of New York -- "Ain't No Party Like a Hamptons Party." He told ET it's something he's always wanted to do ever since he launched Radio Andy on SiriusXM.

"When we started thinking about things we could present, it just seemed hilarious to do Housewives episodes," he says of how the show came to fruition. "And there're so many fans of the show who are famous and funny, that casting them has been a total joy. Now we've got Cheri Oteri, Kristen Johnston, Rachael Harris and Phoebe Robinson. Not to mention Michael Rapaport as Dorinda. It's hilarious."

"Usually we try to pick an episode where they're all under the same roof," he adds. "That usually seems to work really well. So if they're all in the Berkshires, or on a trip somewhere, those episodes are really good. Like, here we are at Ramona's house in the Hamptons, and all hell breaks loose. Seemed like a perfect way to go."

Fans can tune in via Zoom by registering here. In the meantime, hear more on Cohen in the video below.


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