Andy Cohen Teases Surprises at ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 8 Reunion (Exclusive)

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Yes, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season eight is getting a three-part reunion -- and executive producer Andy Cohen says it’s worth it.

“It's a different tenor,” he tells ET. “The tone is different, it's quieter, but they really got in there. They hash things out, and there's reconciliation.”

“It’s like death by a thousand paper cuts,” star Dorit Kemsley jokes, sharing that she will be at the center of much of the discussion at this year’s special.

“You get to see more of the dynamic between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle [Richards] and Dorit,” Erika Jayne also teases. “Their situation. Just everyone fitting into the group and how they all -- you know, everyone's very opinionated. Very open.”

“Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump and I have a really great friendship individually and collectively and it's that kind of relationship that's really real and strong and growing, ever growing, and I think that we, the three of us, can get through anything,” Dorit says, comparing their experience together on season eight and at the reunion to “growing pains.”

Andy says that Erika will also find herself, unexpectedly, as a topic of conversation.

“Lisa Vanderpump got involved in a way that surprised me,” he notes. “She kind of got her hands dirty and, you know, I saw her the next day and she said, ‘Were you surprised that I could fight like that?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ Like, she stood up to Erika Jayne in a way that was surprising.”

Fans of the series have complained all season long that this year was relatively boring, with no major drama going down between the women. Many viewers have chalked that up to Lisa Rinna stepping back from stirring the pot, which the group noticed, too. Expect Andy and co. to dive into that at the reunion.

“Something needs to give and certain girls, I feel, were holding back,” Camille Grammer confesses. “And Lisa Rinna, you're one of them! I get it, Lisa Rinna didn't want to get into the petty stuff this year, so her and Erika kinda tried to stay out of it.”

“They were promoting a lot of their goods,” Camille adds. “Lisa's dusters, and I love Lisa, I think she's fantastic and funny, but we'll call a spade a spade here. And Erika, I just felt like it was one giant infomercial for Erika Jayne! And as much as I like her and I respect her, and I think she's very talented, you know, they held back. And they have the gravitas [to do more].”

Another hot topic at the reunion will be season eight newbie Teddi Mellencamp.

“Teddi probably had it the worst, because she was the new person,” Erika says of wrapping up season eight.

“Teddi was fantastic this year,” Camille says. “She was new, she was fresh, she's young, she's gorgeous. She's swimming in a sea of sharks … but she really held her own, so I was very impressed with her.”

“She's certainly worked hard at it,” Dorit shares. “I think she very much wants to come back [for another season], so if that opportunity is available to her, I'm sure she'll take it.”

“I thought she was great,” Andy says. “We're always casting for these shows. The reason that the shows have stayed on is that we keep them fresh, we keep bringing people in, taking people out and so, you know, we keep tweaking with the group and I think that people respond to it.”

“If you didn’t like it this time, keep watching,” he adds. “Because I guarantee next time, it’ll be a little different and better.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ three-part reunion kicks off Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the show, check out the video and links below.

-- Additional reporting by Nischelle Turner and Lauren Zima


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