Angela Lansbury Faces Backlash for Saying Women 'Must Sometimes Take Blame' for Sexual Harassment

Angela Lansbury
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The 92-year-old actress' views on sexual harassment allegations are not being well received on social media.

Angela Lansbury's views on sexual harassment have not been well received on social media.

In the recent issue of Radio Times, the 92-year-old actress was asked about what she thought of the droves of women that have recently come forward telling stories of being sexually harassed.

“There are two sides to this coin,” Lansbury begins. “We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us -- and this is where we are today."

The Murder She Wrote star adds, "We must sometimes take blame, women. I really do think that. Although it’s awful to say we can’t make ourselves look as attractive as possible without being knocked down and raped."

Lansbury then somewhat clarifies her comments, noting, "Should women be prepared for this? No, they shouldn’t have to be! There’s no excuse for that. And I think it will stop now -- it will have to. I think a lot of men must be very worried at this point."

The six-time Golden Globe winner's remarks inevitably sparked some outrage on social media. "Dear Angela Lansbury, I understand that you are 92 years old and from a different time, but your views only strengthen the disgusting men who perpetrate such acts against your sex," one Twitter user wrote. "It's NEVER the woman's fault!"

"Murder She Wrote would have been quite a different show if in each episode Angela Lansbury blamed the victim," another tweet read. 

"Angela Lansbury's age doesn't give her a free pass," read yet another comment.

Meanwhile, other fans are standing by Lansbury's right to express her opinion. 

"Angela Lansbury has based her views on experience and the world she has lived in over the past 92 years," one fan tweeted. "This is her right. I don’t agree with her, but that’s the problem with opinions and experience, we’re all different. I don’t agree with berating old ladies, but there you go."

"Angela Lansbury is 92 years old. Getting mad at her on twitter because she doesn't have the most modern ideas about sexual harassment is pointless and kind of dumb," read another comment.

Last month, Donna Karan was also met with criticism when she was thought to be defending Harvey Weinstein in the wake of multiple women alleging that they were sexually harassed by the former movie mogul.

When asked about the scandal, the 69-year-old designer seemed to suggest that women may be "asking for it" by the way they dress. "Obviously, the treatment of women all over the world is something that has always had to be identified," she said. "To see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think, how do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?"

Karan later said her comments were "taken out of context," insisting that "sexual harassment is NOT acceptable" and apologized for offending "everyone that has ever been a victim."

Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey spoke with ET about how she plans to take on sexual harassment in Hollywood. Check it out: