Angelina Jolie Talks Women’s Value in Society and What’s 'Holding Us Back'

Angelina Jolie in Japan
Jun Sato/WireImage

'Why is it that so many women still don't know their own value?' Jolie questioned.

Angelina Jolie is reflecting on how women view themselves. During a recent conversation with Madeleine Albright and Mika Brzezinski for the National Democratic Institute, the actress spoke to women's value in society.

"Women contribute so much, they are giving, are nurturing by nature, are community-building by nature, are strong, are intelligent, and yet what is it that's holding us back?" Jolie questioned. "I think when you speak of value, that's something to really sit with. Why is it that so many women still don't know their own value?"

"What is it that's been done to us, whether it be the rapes and the lack of accountability for a rape, whether it be domestic violence, whether it be this question where we still are saying, 'Please stop hurting me,' and 'Please hold someone to account if they hurt me,'" she added.

Jolie is often outspoken about the importance of equal rights for all. In fact, last month the mother of six donated $200,000 to the  NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their work to fight for racial justice and equal rights for all Americans.

"Rights don't belong to any one group to give to another. Discrimination and impunity cannot be tolerated, explained away or justified. I hope we can come together as Americans to address the deep structural wrongs in our society," Jolie said in a statement to ET. "I stand with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in their fight for racial equality, social justice, and their call for urgent legislative reform." 

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