Anne Heche: Salon Owner Details Their Encounter Shortly Before Car Crash (Exclusive)

The actress purchased a red wig at Glass Hair Design in Venice before crashing her car on Friday.

Anne Heche made a trip to a Los Angeles hair salon just minutes ahead of the fiery car accident that has left her in critical condition with severe burns.

ET spoke with Glass Hair Design in Venice Beach owner Richard Glass, who said the All Rise actress randomly came into his hair studio and purchased a red wig on Friday, moments before she crashed her car in two locations. 

Glass reveals that although the encounter happened minutes before the accident, he didn’t observe anything out of the ordinary about the star. “She wasn’t speaking in cursive, I say that when people are impaired,” he told ET's  Lauren Zima on Tuesday. 

“They speak in cursive like slurring your words. But she wasn’t, she was very, very cordial. Very personable and very polite,” Glass continued. “The whole encounter was maybe 10 minutes, it wasn’t huge, but it was strange all the same and random.” 

He added, “It was an amazing, kind interaction.”  

Glass then celebrated the random moment by taking a selfie with the actress and her new hair. “So I met @anneheche today and she purchased a #redwig so random.. love #venicebeach #actress #director #mom #celebrity #lifestyle,” he wrote next to the picture of him and Heche smiling for the camera.  

Glass then told ET that moments after Heche left the salon, he heard about the crash via social media.  

“I heard it through social media first,” the owner said. “I posted it [the picture]  and I went back to work and then I hear my alert go off and from there I see she was in a crash. And I'm like floored. I’m like 'oh my gosh' and I'm just praying I hope she’s okay.” 

Glass shared that there was no security camera footage and thinking to check footage after the interaction with the actress never crossed his mind -- because there was no cause for alarm.  

With Heche still the in hospital, Glass shared that his message for her is that she gets well soon. “The only message that I have for Anne is her speedy recovery,” he said. “And healthy, healthy heart and healthy mind.” 

Heche is believed to have struck a garage structure at an apartment complex in Los Angeles on Friday morning, TMZ reported. She then allegedly left the scene of the crash and sped down the street before crashing into a residential home nearby.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Video captured by CBS Los Angeles showed the carnage left behind after Heche crashed her car into a home. Another video showed the blue Mini Cooper speeding down the street before crashing.

Per the LAPD, the vehicle became engulfed in flames and she was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment by an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Fire Department said that the vehicle struck and came to rest well within a 738-square foot two-story home, causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire prior to LAFD's arrival.

Heche is under investigation by the LAPD for misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run, in relation to the fiery car crash.

LAPD officials told ET on Monday that investigators obtained a warrant for a blood draw on Friday, the day of the crash, and are investigating what role drugs or alcohol may have played in the frightening collision.

According to the LAPD, once the results of the blood draw are determined and the investigation is completed, the case will be handed over to the LA City Attorney's office.

The news of the investigation comes amid an update on the actress' condition. The actress' rep told ET on Monday, “At this time Anne is in extreme critical condition. She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention."

The rep continued, “She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident."

ET has learned that by Monday evening, Heche had been moved to the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills.