Anuel AA Drops Emotional New Heartbreak Song on What Would've Been His Anniversary With Karol G

Anuel AA
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The superstar dropped his emotional new track '23 Preguntas' on Monday.

Anuel AA is getting real with his music. The Puerto Rican music superstar released a new track on Sunday that seemingly alludes to his painful breakup from ex Karol G.

He dropped the new track, "23 Preguntas," on Monday -- which would have been his anniversary with Karol G, had the pair not split in March after being engaged for two years.

In the slow-tempo track, the artist asks his ex-fiancee 23 emotionally painful questions -- hence the title of the song -- about their relationship and eventual split.

"So many fights that you want to erase me from your life/Seriously, tell me if it's not worth sitting down to listen to me anymore/Wake me up from this nightmare," Anuel sings in the track.

Some questions also appear to indicate a desire to rebuild a romance, with lyrics like, ''Tell me if it doesn’t feel like the first time?/ Instead of finishing, let’s start again."

The song also featured Rauw Alejandro, who repeatedly delivers what seems like the ultimate question of the song: "Tell me if you’re staying/ Tell me, tell me if you're leaving."

"23 de agosto, 23 preguntas!!!!!! Una fecha que nunca voy a olvidar!!!!!!!" the 28-year-old musician wrote on Instagram when he shared the video, which translates as "August 23, 23 Preguntas...A date that I'll never forget."

He went on to explain that the song has a true significance for him, and gives entry into his heart for his fans.

News of Anuel and Karol's split came in mid-March, but the couple took to their social media to confirm and address their breakup in late April.

“If just accepting it is hard enough, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people,” Karol wrote in Spanish on her Instagram Story at the time. "For a long time we tried to keep our relationship away from social media in order to protect ourselves. We never used our relationship for marketing purposes, not today, not even almost three years ago when we started [dating]."

"We were two people with public lives that wanted to have a normal relationship just like another other and that's the reason why we never hid our feelings and went public with our relationship," she continued. "The incredible things that happened to both of us, personally and as artists, were a blessing and a result of our beautiful love."