Ariel Winter Fires Back at Internet Troll Who Called Her 'Thirsty'

Ariel Winter at the 'Modern Family' FYC event on April 16.
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Ariel Winter has no problem defending herself from internet haters!

Ariel Winter has no problem defending herself from internet haters!

The 20-year-old actress joined the Modern Family cast at the For Your Consideration event for the show on Monday night in Hollywood, where she posed for a cute group pic with a few of her co-stars, including Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Hyland shared the photo on Instagram, which an Instagram user commented on to insult Winter. 

“Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time," the user wrote.

Winter later sarcastically responded, writing, "I'm SO thirsty!!! Haven't had water in hours. God I can't believe you can tell I'm dehydrated from this pic :/ :/."


This, of course, isn't the first time Winter has clapped back at her internet critics. In January 2016, she fired back at those criticizing her cleavage-baring graduation dress, telling them to "get a hobby."

ET's Keltie Knight spoke to Winter at the event, where she talked about attending week one of Coachella over the weekend -- however, she admitted she didn't have the patience to see the headlining acts!

"Oh, I'm a grandma, so I go for a very little amount of time and I see the people I want to see," she told ET. "I really wanted to see Beyonce and I wanted to see Eminem, but I've seen Beyonce and Eminem multiple times before and I will see them again, but bearing that line after the headliner at Coachella is just not for me. I dip right before."

However, she did make sure to check out Cardi B's set.

"I love her more than anything," she gushed. "She slayed my soul. I pushed through crowds for her that's for sure. And then I was like, 'It's time. I gotta go.'"

As for the future of Modern Family, Winter also told ET that she would be up for a spinoff of the hit comedy featuring the kids on the show, but couldn't imagine breaking up the close-knit cast. It was previously announced that the show's upcoming 10th season will be its last.

"Yeah, I think that would be amazing," Winter said of the spinoff idea. "I don't know how we would survive without the adults, though. I mean, not as our characters, but just together. We're just so much of a family. It would be incredible. I think it's nice to see the characters evolve and all of our characters started so young, and now we're grown up, and so I think it would be nice to see where our characters could go without the adults. It would be hard."

ET spoke to Winter last month, when she opened up about struggling with anxiety and going to therapy for it, matching tattoos with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, and how she navigates the pressures of Hollywood.

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