Armie Hammer is Not Prioritizing Dating Amid ‘House of Hammer’ Attention, Source Says

Armie Hammer at the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards
John Shearer/Getty Images

A source tells ET that the controversial actor is staying 'low key' after the debut of the documentary about his family.

Armie Hammer is keeping his head down amid the storm.

A source tells ET, "Armie kept it low key this past weekend after the release of the House of Hammer podcast, which levels several shocking allegations against the Hammer family."

The source says that Hammer and his estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers -- who split in 2020 amid the litany of high-profile allegations against the actor -- are "still coparenting really well."

"Nothing has changed between them in terms of that since the docuseries came out," the source adds. "Their priorities are still taking care of their children and making sure their kids feel secure. They want to protect their them because they are still so young and don't want them to suffer."

Hammer and Chambers share two children -- 7-year-old daughter Harper and 5-year-old son Ford.

As for his personal life, the source says, "Dating is not a priority for Armie. He wants things to happen organically with someone who supports him. He is taking things one day at a time."

Last week, ahead of the House of Hammer debut, a source told ET that the embattled actor was trying to "prepare himself as much as he can" for what was to come, publicity-wise.

"Armie is trying to prepare himself as much as he can for the House of Hammer documentary. He has an idea about what's coming. Despite this, Armie has been trying to move forward as much as possible emotionally speaking and in terms of his career," the source shared. 

The source added that Hammer, who reportedly entered rehab in Florida last June, is "sober and has been committed to that," despite the impact the documentary stands to have. The source added, "His friends are nervous that the documentary will crush him."

For more on the documentary and Hammer's scandals, see the video below.