Ashley Greene Shares Topless Bachelorette Party Pics

Ashley Greene
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Ashley Greene is enjoying her last days as a single lady!

The 31-year-old actress kicked off her bachelorette party with her gal pals earlier this week, Greene posted a topless Boomerang on Instagram of her and her friends wearing bathing suits, standing in the balcony of their room facing the ocean and putting their hands up. 

"Bachelorette antics...," the Twilight star captioned the risque clip.

On Tuesday, she shared another pic of herself in the same bathing suit and hugging her friend and hairstylist, Joseph Chase.

"All love all the time @josephchase," she captioned the shot.

Greene and her beau, Paul Khoury, got engaged during their trip to New Zealand on Dec. 19, 2016.

"This is the most beautiful moment I could have ever hoped for. You've successfully made me the happiest, luckiest woman alive," Greene wrote on her social media at the time. "I can't wait to show you my unfaltering immeasurable love for the rest of our lives. #engaged #? #loveofmylife #futurehusband."

While they have waited almost a year and a half to tie the knot, Greene sat down with ET last March and explained that she and her fiancé weren't going to get married until this year.

"Pretty early on, we realized we wanted to be together, but we knew we didn't want to rush things and kind of enjoy," she explained. "We were really big on enjoying our relationship, and then living together, and then we were gonna enjoy our engagement. Like, we're not planning to get married anytime soon... it's an exciting time and I don't know why you'd want to rush over that?"

Greene also dished on the kind of ceremony she would want.

"I think we want to have a really intimate wedding, and then kind of throw a big party after," she mused. "We want it to be outside -- we want it to be surrounded by a lot of nature. He's a really big nature buff."

Watch below to hear more of she shared in the video below.


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