Ashton Kutcher Gives His Marriage to Mila Kunis the Perfect Rom-Com Title (Exclusive)

Kutcher is returning to the genre after a decade with 'Your Place or Mine' on Netflix.

Both Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are making their long-awaited return to the romantic comedy genre with the new Netflix film, Your Place or Mine. And for both, it marks the first time they're working together, with them playing two longtime friends on opposite coasts who realize they may actually want to be more than platonic. 

"What was wild was for years and years and years I was like, 'Oh man, I'd love to do a romantic comedy with Reese,'" Kutcher tells ET's Denny Directo, before revealing that he got a phone call one day about the project and before he even read the script, "I was like, 'Let's stop everything. I'm doing it.'" 

And for Witherspoon, she was excited that both of these longtime rom-com stars had equal parts in the film from writer and director Aline Brosh McKenna. "So, we both are responsible for making it funny and better and endearing and real and rounded," she says. 

Adding to that reality is the fact that the plot is not unlike Kutcher's own real-life friendship turned romance with wife Mila Kunis. "This is a story about people who are friends for 10 years… then they finally find this spark," he says. "And I went, 'Huh. I know a thing or two about that. This seems somewhat familiar. I think this could be interesting.' So, I did it." 

While what unfolds in Your Place or Mine is completely fictional, both Kutcher and Witherspoon have had storybook romances, prompting ET to wonder, "If your love stories with your respective spouses were a rom-com, what would the title of that rom-com be?"

"Well, I think it exists. It's called No Strings Attached or Friends With Benefits," Kutcher says, referring to his 2011 film with Natalie Portman and Kunis' similar film with Justin Timberlake. "You can choose the title. It's the same movie, and we both made it, and then we both lived it." 

Your Place or Mine debuts Feb. 10 on Netflix.