'Avengers: Endgame' Directors Share New Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr
Twitter / @Russo_Brothers

Robert Downey Jr. also reflects on the 1-year anniversary of Iron Man's death.

In another timeline, Avengers: Endgame's more-than-three-hour runtime would make it a long movie. In quarantine, you could watch Endgame on an infinite loop and still have time left over.

Enter Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors behind the reigning biggest movie in history, who partook in a live watch this week to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the film's release. (As it happens, Wednesday is also National Superhero Day.) The duo dropped some trivia -- like, at one point, they considered making Captain America the Soul Stone?! -- and shared previously unseen photos and videos from set.

Below, we've rounded up the best of the new behind-the-scenes looks:

Brie Larson's first day as Captain Marvel: 

Mark Ruffalo's on-set Smart Hulk "pajamas":

The new and improved(?) Thor: "There was once a scene of Thor peeing off of a balcony in New Asgard to show how depraved he was... we realized he was already pretty depraved..."

The return of Rene Russo's MCU matriarch:

Stepping back in time to the first Avengers:

Robert Downey Jr. celebrating nailing a take:

Old man Captain America's still got the moves:

Chris Evans' hug-filled final day playing Cap:

RDJ's goodbye 3000 to the cast on his last day:

The Russo Brothers also went Live on Instagram with RDJ himself, who reflected on the subsequent post-Iron Man year and the unexpected resonance Endgame has right now.

"Nowadays, this uniting-against-a-common-challenge thing? I mean, c'mon. It's become ridiculously poignant," he said. "I won't say why, but I had an occasion to be interfacing with five other original Avengers just a few days ago, and after we hung up off our Zoom-like call, I just got this wave of all that."

Following Endgame's release last year, 2020 was intended to introduce two new titles into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Due to theater closures caused by the coronavirus, those plans soon changed and the next and only Marvel movie this year will be Black Widow, releasing Nov. 5.