Andy Samberg Talks 'SNL' Departure


Andy Samberg confirmed circulating rumors of his departure from Saturday Night Live last week, and the actor and comedian discussed the news to ET on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards.

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Although the decision was a tough one for the seven-year cast member, he expressed a desire to come back to the show in the future to make guest appearances. "[The] chapter's closed but I hope the book never closes," Samberg said of his SNL days. "I always hope to have a place there in some capacity. I love everybody over there and Lorne's [Michaels] (creator) my man."

Amid the crazy fan-demonium occurring with Justin Bieber's world tour, ET asked the stars what their craziest fan experiences have been in their careers. Snow White and the Huntsman stars Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron both recalled instances in which a fan jumped into their car.

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Hemsworth recounted that he was baffled at a security lapse that allowed a fan to jump in the car and ask for an autograph, which was fortunately not a serious threat to his safety. Theron recounted a comical story in which a girl jumped through her car window after a movie premiere in Spain but only half of her body made it through, which made for an interesting exchange between the girl and a bodyguard.

The Hunger Games
star Josh Hutcherson shared his crazy fan experience with ET and also talked about the awards show and host Russell Brand. While he revealed that he was a little nervous about Brand hosting, Hutcherson said he wouldn't have minded if Brand made fun of him.

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"I' O.K. with [Brand singling me out]," the 19-year-old actor said. "I feel like it's like a rite of passage. If you get singled out by the host at the awards show, it's like, 'Alright, cool. That's nice.'"

21 Jump Street
actor Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan cited the awards show's unpredictability and prank playing as what makes it the most fun awards show. Tatum said he would have liked to have been involved in a prank at the show but MTV turned his idea down. "We tried to cook up something and then...MTV shut us down," he said.

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While some may enjoy and even look forward to the prank playing, Mark Wahlberg doesn't fall into that category and said he wouldn't have been amused if Brand took a verbal stab at him while hosting.

When asked if he ever gets nervous that Brand will single him out, Wahlberg replied, "Well, I'll single him right back. I don't think it's a good idea for him to try to start any sort of conflict with me, either verbal or physical."