Globes Flashback '98: Affleck's In Shock


Ben Affleck never could have predicted the torrent of positive things that would come out of screenplay that he wrote with his childhood friend, Matt Damon. In 1998, awards came pouring in for the two for Good Will Hunting, and they couldn't have been more stunned.

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The two buddies were experiencing their first round of awards show that year and were a little overwhelmed by the reality of it all. When the two won their first major award for the film at the Golden Globes to add to the already mystifying experience, they were dazed.

When Damon reveals that he is so bewildered by the experience that he doesn't remember what he said during his acceptance, ET shows the two a video playback of them accepting the award, which completely confounds them.

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"That's wild," Affleck says after seeing the video. "That kind of makes it real."

"It feels like I just watched it on TV," Damon adds with an exhilarated smile. "We watched this on TV [last year]. We were sitting with like a warm six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon like, 'Yeah, man, I could've been there.'"