Kesha on Justin Bieber: 'I Would Hit That'


Justin Bieber was the talk of the American Music Awards not for his three nominations, all of which he eventually won, but for his struggling relationship with Selena Gomez. As fellow music stars responded to the mayhem, Kesha revealed that she wouldn't mind swooping in on the allegedly newly single pop star.

Varying reports on the two high-profile pop star's relationship in the past two weeks have swayed from announcing Bieber and Gomez's split to an alleged reconciliation. With only the two knowing the truth and millions wanting to learn it, it remains uncertain if they've officially called it quits.

REPORT: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Split

"I think love should prevail," singer Kesha said of their relationship. "I don't know the details, but I just newly heard he's single...There was also some allegation that we had slept together, which was super false."

The allegation to which she made reference was brought about by a bizarre lawsuit filed by a man who claimed to be Selena Gomez's father. While the charge thrust upon her by the lawsuit proved untrue, Kesha said she wouldn't mind getting cozy with Bieber if he is indeed single.

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"I mean, is he of age?" she asked when ET's Rocsi prompted if she was interested in Bieber. "I would hit that. Who wouldn't hit that?"

Fellow pop star Jordin Sparks, who has her own celebrity relationship with singer Jason Derulo, gave her take on Bieber and Gomez's current relationship amid her current high-profile relationship.

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"It's definitely very crazy," Sparks said of upholding a relationship under media probing. "For me and Jason, it's been pretty nice 'cause we don't have people following us like Justin and Selena have, so I'm sure it's got to be pretty invasive to them just to have cameras everywhere at all times. I hope that they either work things out or they can just make a clean break and move on and be O.K."

Ludacris, who was featured on Bieber's breakthrough single "Baby" and raps on his newest album, Believe, snuffed the breakup repots and stated that all is well with Bieber.

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"That's just what the media sees. Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors," he said when asked about Bieber's breakup. "I think everything's O.K....That's just my personal opinion, but he knows how to handle himself; he's grown into a great, young man."

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