Naomi Watts Reacts to Golden Globe Nomination

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Naomi Watts may have landed her first ever Golden Globe nod, but it wasn’t the biggest news in her household on nomination day.

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When the 44-year old actress and producer received a call in the morning, alerting her of her Best Actress in a Drama nomination for her leading role in The Impossible, she had actually been celebrating her son Kai’s birthday.

“It's [Kai’s] birthday today and the phone rang,” Naomi told ET. “I knew it was my publicist and she told me the news and I think I let out a little bit of a yelp and my son got worried; he heard it.”

When Watts told Kai the big news, he wasn’t too keen on sharing the limelight. “I told him what it was and he said, ‘But it's my birthday, I get the Golden Globe.’”

“Of course it's his day today; it's all about him and we'll be celebrating his birthday with cake and I'll do my celebration tomorrow.”

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The Impossible is based on the true story of a family caught in a 2004 tsunami in Thailand on vacation. Naomi’s nomination-worthy performance was likely due to how strongly she feels about the disaster.

“I followed the news at the time in 2004 but it felt very far away,” Naomi said of the disaster.

But after spending time with Thai crew-members and victims of the storm, Naomi says that the story began to hit home.

“I got closer to understanding it and it was a horrific thing that these people went through; some with not such happy endings. And so I feel like the film has a value for that reason.”

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This year during Sandy, Watts found herself out of power as the country dealt with a disaster of its own. As she and her family spent time in a hotel, Watt’s witnessed first-hand the tragedy that nature can bring.

“You see it and you can't understand it -- the size of nature and the force of nature. It's so powerful. And we think we are able to control it, especially [New York]. We feel so strong here but it's just not the case.”

You can see Naomi Watts and the rest of the cast when The Impossible hits theaters, December 21.

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on Sunday, January 13, 2013 on NBC.

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