Emmys '12: Lena Dunham Wears the Queen's Carpet


As the last of the Gangnam Style craze finally dies down, and after the long-awaited Mayan doomsday scenario failed to manifest, the year 2013 might seem a bit underwhelming. Thankfully, one major star from this past year is not poised to slow down one bit.

Lena Dunham, primarily known for her breakout HBO comedy Girls is something of a renaissance woman. It's one thing to be a part of a critically acclaimed show, but it's another thing entirely to produce, write, direct, and star in that show.

As we get ready to dive head-first into awards season, ET looks just a few months back to the 2012 Emmys where we caught up with Lena on her first major red carpet.

Before getting into her four Emmy nominations, ET asked Lena about her awards show fashion. Specifically, how she brought Williamsburg style to the Hollywood red carpet.

"That's a question we've been trying to tackle in the last few weeks," said Dunham. "I think it's about wearing something that sort of feels like your own and that sort of bridges the gap between...fashion and feeling like you're just wearing what you'd wear to get milk."

Comfort is indeed important. Still, it's not every day you'd shop for milk in the Prada dress that Lena was wearing.

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"This dress, I really loved. I both felt that I was wearing Queen Elizabeth's carpet and a T-shirt all at the same time."

While the hilarious TV star seemed to be poking a bit of fun at the fashion icon, she also confessed her adoration for the designer.

"Ms. Prada is one of my foremost artistic idols, so it's a pretty surreal experience just even referring to her as Ms. Prada."

And on her in vogue short haircut, Lena commented that it was a very functional cut, but was ultimately unlikely to follow in Jennifer Aniston's footsteps, and become the "new Rachel."

"I think that the Rachel was a pretty iconic moment we can't search to replicate. But I'm very happy if this haircut has inspired anyone. It requires a lot less maintenance and a lot less washing. I'm not an enthusiastic showerer so this is the thing for me."

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Girls follows up its multiple Emmy nominations with two for the Golden Globes, including one Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical nod for Lena. You can see if she wins at the Golden Globe Awards on January 13, which coincidentally is also the date for the second season premiere of Girls on HBO. If it weren't for DVR and/or HBOGO, that last sentence might have incited a minor panic.