Globes Flashback '11: Steve Buscemi's First


Steve Buscemi has for some time carried significant renown as an actor, particularly in the experimental genre, but it wasn't until 2011 that he was able to translate that into Golden Globe recognition.

While Buscemi was nominated for Ghost World in 2002, it was his captivating performance as Nucky Thompson in the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire that ultimately landed him a Best TV Drama Actor win.

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ET caught up with the actor on the night of his big win, first on the red carpet, and then at the HBO after-party following his victory. What it really meant for Buscemi though, was that people liked the show.

"I'm just glad that the show is getting attention and that people are watching," Buscemi said of his opportunity to walk the red carpet, adding, "I can't wait to get back to work though."

His passion for the role has been apparent, as Buscemi is once again nominated for his role in the series for the third consecutive year, which has also been nominated itself for Best TV Drama in every year since the premiere.

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"As much attention as the show gets, I love it. Because it means that we'll keep working. And I want to keep working on this show."

Indeed, as long as Buscemi wants to keep working on the show, it will likely remain an audience favorite.

You can see Buscemi again at the Golden Globes, when the show airs on NBC January 13. The third season of Boardwalk Empire wrapped up on December 2 and can currently be seen on HBOGO.