Globes Flashback '03: Richard Gere's Tap Dance


Actor Richard Gere has been a Hollywood favorite for quite some time, and has four Golden Globe nominations dating back to 1983, including a nod in 1991 for his leading role in Pretty Woman.
It wasn't until the 2002 musical Chicago however, that Gere finally took home a Globe. The secret, he thinks, is in the tap shoes.

"From now on that's the clause that goes in every contract. I have to do a tap dance in every movie."

In addition to Gere's tap dancing, the near universally acclaimed film Chicago thrived on a combination of great writing, directing, music, and star performances. Chicago won three Golden Globes that night, and would continue on to win six Oscars as well.

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Gere, in the press room following his first Globes victory, was humble, and spoke a little about what made the movie adaption work so well.

"It's a peculiar film, in that there's no romance in the film. There's no primary relationship that you are rooting for. You're rooting for all the people. And they're not particularly nice people," said Gere. "It's not like someone you would choose to be your best friend. These are difficult people. So you've got to bring a lot of soul to it."

A big part of that soul, according to Gere, was one of Chicago's two leading ladies, Renee Zellweger, who also took home a Globe that night.

"I don't know anyone who has more soul than Renee."

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Gere's latest Globe nod comes off his leading role as a troubled hedge fund magnate in the drama Arbitrage.

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