Globes Flashback '04: 'Friends' Finale

Globes Flashback '04: 'Friends' Finale

From its premiere in 1994, the cultural significance of NBC's Friends was felt through the developing relationship between seven Manhattan-ites and audiences everywhere, that many still hold dear today.

And that bond was not lost on the cast members themselves. After 10 seasons together, Aniston and LeBlanc both admitted to some tear-jerking final days of shooting.

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"You want to say [it was just] me, but it was everybody," said Aniston. "You've never seen anything quite like it."

"The whole crew, everyone was just as emotional as Jennifer," added LeBlanc.

Although nominated for a second time that night, LeBlanc would never take home a Golden Globe for his role as Joey. Actually, in all its years, only Aniston took home a Globe for the NBC hit show, in 2003. LeBlanc would have to wait until 2011 for his Golden Globe, for his work on the showtime series Episodes. He is once again nominated for the sitcom, which is written by Friends co-creator David Crane, and premieres early this year.

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The proof of Friends' impact is really not in awards however, but in the lasting recognition of the characters on the show, which remains in syndication to this day.

To catch the Globes this year, tune to NBC this Sunday, at 8 pm (5 PT).