SAGs Flashback '08: Fey's Celebratory Cough Drop


Tina Fey had a career year in 2007. After acting and writing for Saturday Night Live for many years, she created her own comedy series in which she also starred, 30 Rock, and was graced with nominations at the ensuing awards circuit. How did she celebrate that momentous span of her career? With a cough drop.

As the comedic actress and writer stands on the red carpet at the 2008 SAG Awards with ET's former co-host Mary Hart, Fey had just won her first Golden Globe and was nominated for her first SAG Award that night for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

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Fey wasn't present to receive her Golden Globe, so the SAG Awards was her first appearance on an awards red carpet that year.

"I appreciate getting to come out tonight and wear a dress," she says, then turning to humor. "I feel like...I won the other [awards] so if we lose everything tonight, I can still act like a big jerk and show off."

As she chats with Mrs. Hart on the platform, Fey also discusses the inception of 30 Rock, which will ended its successful seven-season this past year. Commonly tagged as an underrated show, she mentions the show as being in a place of "trying to win people over," which is where it seemed to remain despite a loyal audience.

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Nevertheless, Fey received her first SAG Award that night for the show.

"It's been crazy," she says of her awards show success, then not-so-subtly using her interview to plug a brand. "I'm sorry; I'm enjoying a Halls cough drop in celebration."

The amusing actress would have plenty more opportunities to drop a brand name after a SAG Awards acceptance speech, as she would go on to win the same award the following two years as well.