SAGs Flashback '06: Anne's Indulgent Snack


Anne Hathaway is currently one of Hollywood's top actresses, emphatically so with her latest hit film Les Miserables, so it's a bit strange to return to the beginning stages of her career. At her first major awards show, Hathaway is giddy to be there and reveals her pre-show snack.

Prior to the 2006 SAG Awards, Hathaway had walked awards show red carpets but never at a major awards show, which made her experience at that year's SAGs a thrill. The then-23-year-old actress was nominated as part of the cast of Brokeback Mountain.

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"I mean, I still can't get over that fact that I have a job, people know my name, and now Felicity Huffman likes what I did," she says after meeting the Desperate Housewives actress before the show. "It's really exciting."

Although she was ecstatic to be at her first major awards show, Hathaway wasn't expecting much but still relished the opportunity to get dolled up and enjoy an indulgent pre-show snack.

"It's a fun day; you're eating chocolate and sipping champagne. It's a wonderful experience," she says to ET's former correspondent Jann Carl. "I try to do that before these things 'cause then regardless of what happens--if you win or you don't--you're in a good mood."

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Hathaway's chocolate and champagne would have to carry her throughout the rest of the night, as she didn't win her first major award that night and her Brokeback friends didn't receive any awards on the night as well.

The now-30-year-old, short-haired Hathaway has a good chance to win her first SAG Award this year, as she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Les Miz.

Regardless, she'll be bubbly.