Grammys Flashback '11: Black Keys Get In and Out


It took The Black Keys a while to weave their way into mainstream music, perhaps by design. Nevertheless, when their sixth studio album made them a household name and eventually earned them Grammy Awards, they weren't necessarily soaking in the moment.

After nearly a decade of success within the world of rock music, The Black Keys became a household name with their single "Tighten Up" from the band's 2010 album Brothers, which both won their own respective Grammys at the 2011 ceremony.

Following their overwhelming experience with the many happenings of an awards show, the two-man band can't wait to leave and escape the hectic environment.

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"We're just trying to leave the Staples Center as fast as possible," drummer Patrick Carney responds to a reporter's inquiry about why they had chosen to only field two questions in the press room.

"We got interviewed by The Situation, which was a low point in our lives having to answer his questions," vocalist and guitarist Dan Auerbach recounts. "That was awful."

After Auerbach responds to a question about their families, the press-room coordinator reminds the room that those were indeed two questions, and off The Black Keys go with an award in each hand.

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Ten months later, the band came out with another album that would go on to be nominated for Grammys, El Camino.

This time around The Black Keys may be leaving the ceremony cradling their awards, as the band is nominated for five for their latest album and its single "Lonely Boy," and Auerbach is nominated for an additional award as producer of the album.

We'll have to wait and see how many questions they'll answer this year.