Grammys Flashback '11: Bieber, Justin Bieber


Amid the hoopla over Justin Bieber's Grammy snub this year for his album Believe, let's flash back to when he was nominated. Two years ago, the teen pop sensation received two nominations for his debut album, My World 2.0, and performed at the show. Best of all, he came dressed for the occasion.

After sweeping the charts with his singles "Baby" and "One Time," the then-16-year-old singer was nominated for the treasured Best New Artist Award as well as Best Pop Vocal Album. While he didn't win either award, he took pride in his performance--and his attire.

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"I was like, 'I want a cream suit and I want it [to]...look like...James Bond,'" Bieber says. "I'm not feeling as cool as James Bond. He's like the coolest, and plus, he has a gun and I don't have a gun."

Like a cold-blooded professional, though, the young pop star reveals that he wasn't at all nervous for his first Grammys performance. As he assesses, performing is routine for him.

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"I don't really get nervous," he says. "It's kind of like second nature now [because I'm] just always performing. ...At first I got nervous, but [I don't] anymore 'cause...once you do it for so long, it's like riding a bike. You don't get nervous when you a ride a bike 'cause you just do it all the time."

The Best New Artist Award was granted to jazz artist Esperanza Spalding that year and Best Pop Vocal Album went to Bruno Mars.

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Nevertheless, Bieber impressed with his performance, confidence, and attire that year, and can look forward to more nominations in the future.