Oscars Flashback '01: Joaquin Can't Tie a Tie

Oscars Flashback '01: Joaquin Can't Tie a Tie

Joaquin Phoenix has made it known over the years--with expletives and the like--that he isn't a fan of awards shows. He often cites the arbitrary nature of the whole process as his underlying discontent, but we've uncovered a more fundamental reason as to why the actor may not appreciate attending awards shows.

At the 2001 Academy Awards, Phoenix was nominated for his supporting role in the film that boosted his acting career, Gladiator.

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The accolades were plentiful for him for the film, but as one can see at the beginning of his red-carpet interview with Mark Steines and Jann Carl, he isn't very appreciative to be there.

When asked what he's feeling at the moment and if he could describe the moment to anyone, he holds his expressionless face, shrugs his shoulders, and shakes his head.

Although he's very apparently not keen on answering questions, Phoenix lightens up as the interview progresses. The then-26-year-old actor reveals that he took a nap during the limo ride to the show and exposes his wardrobe flaw.

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"[I] can't tie a tie," he reveals as he opens up his suit. "I brought my mom, my publicist, my agent--nobody can tie a tie, which is fantastic. So, I got that going for me, which is really nice."

One can only assume that Phoenix has since figured out how to tie a tie, or has at least found a reliable person who knows how, as despite his scorn for awards ceremonies, he received another round of nominations for Walk the Line in 2006.

While he has won a Golden Globe, Phoenix has yet to win an Oscar, despite three nominations. His Spike Jonze-penned film Her, however, is one of the favorites to win Best Picture at this year's ceremony.