Oscars Flashback '86: 10-Year-Old Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie has established herself so well in Hollywood that we sometimes don't consider her acting lineage. In 1986, Jolie's father, Jon Voight, was nominated for his third Oscar and brought the future Hollywood star with him for her first Academy Awards.

Jolie had acted in a film with her father at age 7, but didn't pursue it as a career until she was a teenager, which made the 1986 Academy Awards the biggest event of her early acting career.

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Dressed in an elegant white-lace dress, Jolie is dazed as she and her brother James join their Oscar-nominated father on the red carpet.

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Although Voight was nominated, ET's reporter is more interested in getting to know the young Jolie, perhaps with the presumption that the product of two actors would one day go on to be a star. Maybe that interview would be the subject of a flashback one day.

"Sort of," the then 10-year-old Jolie replies when asked if she's nervous for her father on the exciting evening.

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Her father wouldn't win his second Oscar that night after winning an award the last time he was nominated in 1978 for Coming Home. Voight has not won an Oscar since then, most recently receiving a nomination for Ali in 2001.

However, his daughter would be on her way to her first Oscar thirteen years later for Girl, Interrupted.