J-Law Swarmed by Family after Oscar Win


Awards season ended with resounding boom for Jennifer Lawrence as she was granted her first Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. Amid her tremendous success, no one was more anxious to congratulate her after the show than her family. ET captured the candid moment after speaking with Lawrence after the show.

After winning a Golden Globe and a SAG Award among a slew of awards she has received for her lead role in Silver Linings, Lawrence completed a sweep of the major awards shows with the Oscar for Best Actress on Sunday evening.

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In what we've come to know as the 22-year-old actress' quirky style, it didn't come without a hitch, as she tripped on her dress as she ascended the slick stairs to the Oscars stage.

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actor Hugh Jackman got up from his seat to aid the struggling Lawrence, but she revealed that she was so daunted by the experience that she didn't even notice.

"I just heard about that," she said. "...I didn't know 'cause I was so in my cloud of, like, 'I want to die.' I had no idea. That actually fixes the whole moment."

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Blames Oscar Stumble on Dress

"I was feeling for her," Jackman said of his impulse to help her get up. "I thought, 'She's caught in that [dress] and she's falling into the abyss,' but she was fine. She didn't need me."

Despite the stumble, Lawrence eventually claimed her award, which she held in her hand as ET caught her just before she entered the Governors Ball to celebrate an excellent night for her.

Upon ending her interview with ET, Lawrence spotted her family and elatedly embraced them with her Oscar in hand.

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To watch Lawrence's candid moment with her family as well as more from other Oscar winners, watch the video above.