Top 5 Best 2013 Oscars Speeches

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Top 5 Best 2013 Oscars Speeches

This year's Academy Awards saw a few first-timers collect awards (Adele, Jennifer Lawrence) in addition to the veterans that hit the Oscars stage (Ben Affleck, Daniel Day-Lewis) -- but who of these winners gave the most memorable of speeches? Here's the top five acceptance-speech moments from Oscars Sunday:

1. Ben Affleck for Best Picture: The man behind the hit film Argo, Ben Affleck, delivered a speech that had audiences both laughing and grabbing for the tissues. The A-lister attempted to "thank everyone" involved in the film, but left on a serious note, saying as he teared up, "You have to work harder than you think you possibly can. You can't hold grudges. ...And it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's gonna happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up."

2. Quentin Tarantino for Best Original Screenplay- Winning for Django Unchained, the outlandish director delivered a gracious yet humorous speech that had Django star Kerry Washington in tears. Click HERE to view.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor- Winning for his critically acclaimed role in Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis seemed overwhelmed by his win, but managed to get in a few jokes along the way. "My wife has lived with some very strange men," he joked as he thanked his spouse. On a serious note, he said to his fellow nominees, "I'm so proud to be included as one amongst you." Click HERE to view.

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4. Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress- The Silver Linings Playbook star made quite the entrance onto the Oscars stage when she tumbled over her dress. Earning a standing ovation, she opened her speech by saying, "This is nuts!" Click HERE to view.

5. Adele for Best Original Song- Adding to her Grammy and Golden Globe wins, Adele picked up an Oscar for her James Bond song Skyfall, and like the other winners, she also got rather emotional. What was also moving was her performance of her Oscar-winning song!

What was your favorite speech of the evening? Let us know, below.