Foxx on the Eddie Murphy Moment He'll Never Forget

Foxx on the Eddie Murphy Moment He'll Never Forget

Eddie Murphy's daughter Bria Murphy, 23, was ET's special guest correspondent at Sunday's BET Awards in Los Angeles, where she put Jamie Foxx on the spot for a funny story about her legendary father!

Foxx was indeed game enough to share a memorable moment with Murphy, which goes back to the days when the Academy Award winner was still unknown.

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"I just got to L.A. and I go to the comedy store -- sneak in -- and I'm watching all the comedians ... I open the door and there your father was working on his routine," Foxx fondly recalls. "And he had on this jacket -- it was yellow and black, it was jeweled out -- and somebody yelled out, 'Is that a Century 21 jacket?' Century 21 is this real estate company, and they all wear yellow jackets. And he said something amazing, he says, 'Please, I'll crush you with my wallet.' And the whole place just [cracked up]."

On a serious note, he expressed his obvious admiration for Murphy.

"I will never forget that your father is the absolute best to ever do it," he said. "We pale in comparison."

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Check out the video to hear how Foxx, who's now far from his undiscovered days, feels about winning the Best Actor award at Sunday's big awards.