The Many Styles of Gaga's Performance at the VMAs

Getty Images

Lady Gaga got the crowd roaring as she opened the 2013 VMAs with the kind of explosive and exotic performance that fans have come to expect and crave from the singer.

During the course of just a few minutes, Gaga and her team of back-up dancers/impromptu costumers were able to deck her out with a variety of wildly different dresses and wigs that accentuated her eccentricities and her well-toned physique.

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Beginning in a bizarre art-deco nurse's outfit crossed with a nun's habit, Gaga stripped down while simultaneously dressing up into a bright blue blazer and short blond bob wig. The fashion changes just kept coming until finally, taking a cue from The Little Mermaid's Ariel, Gaga ended up in a revealing nautical-themed bikini, with white Clam shells covering what little you didn't see of her chest.

And the VMA crowd ate it up. Her trademark performance prowess, along with the first live performance of her new single, drove the audience into a frenzy matched only by Justin Timberlake's fifteen-minute mini-concert later in the night.