Stars Shine Bright on the VMA Red Carpet


The Barclays Center in Brooklyn was home to this year's MTV Video Music Awards, and the New York borough burned bright with the star power that came to the ceremony. Everyone from Katy Perry to Robin Thicke to Lady Gaga walked the red carpet, strutting their stuff and getting psyched for an evening of rocking music and congratulatory applause.

One topic that hung in the air and dominated the conversation of the evening was the rumor of a possible reunion of beloved boy band 'N Sync. As we know now, this rumor turned out to be true.

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The only thing people cared more about than the reunion was fashion. And when it came to outfits, the music stars did not disappoint. From Jennifer Hudson in Dior, to Katy Perry's leopard-print dress with gold leaf accents made by Ungaro, which she showed off proudly, standing tall and beautiful.

"Posture is very important when you're wearing a structured piece like this," said Katy. "Or else, you just look like a folded cardboard box."

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, while looking amazing, didn't know who made their wardrobes. When asked who she was wearing, Paula laughed and said, "Somebody amazing. He's German."

When Robin Thicke was asked about his classic black and white attire, he tried to look in the coat for a tag, but still didn't have a name.
"I don't know who it is," said Thicke. "But it's black. Anything black is okay with me."

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Every star on the line brought something amazing to the show, including Macklemore's thrift shop scarf and Ed Sheeran's rented leather jacket.

Check out the videos for more from the stars, including Lady Gaga's response to the wild styles she's been waiting to attempt, as well as to hear the artists reveal which boy bands they wish they could have been a part of.