Celebs Light Up ET's Emmy Platform


ET's Nancy O'Dell and Rob Marciano corralled all your favorite stars onto the ET platform on the Emmy red carpet, getting them to dish on their projects as well as how they pass the time during the long award show.

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"We get hungry," said Leslie Mann. "Which is why we came prepared with a chunk of chicken, which is in Judd's pocket," Mann added, prompting her husband Judd Apatow to bring a Ziploc bag out of his pocket containing a piece of poultry.

While Leslie and Judd seemed to be focused on food, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul seemed to be preoccupied with the all-new episode of their show Breaking Bad, airing tonight.

"Isn't this a big screening party for Breaking Bad?" joked Bryan.

While his upcoming show, The Millers, doesn't premiere until next month, Will Arnett is already looking forward to another new project for Arrested Development.

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"We are going to do a next chapter," said Will Arnett, who neither confirmed nor denied that an Arrested Development movie could become a reality.

Nolan Gould of Modern Family braved the red carpet despite having a broken thumb -- an injury sustained while practicing parkour.

"Let's just say I was being a troublemaker and it kind of messed things up a little bit on set," Nolan said of the exercise, which involves propelling the body through obstacles.

Matt LeBlanc's show Episodes has included his former Friends co-stars in plotlines but has yet to feature any cameos. Could the show be planning a Friends reunion?

"We haven't had anyone come on," said Matt LeBlanc. "Maybe next year. We'll see what happens."

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