Douglas Talks Emmy Honor, Damon, And Family Drama


After five nominations, Michael Douglas has finally won an Emmy, and the 68-year-old actor couldn't be more excited.

ET's Rob Marciano sat down with the esteemed veteran movie star to talk about his win, as well as recent family issues he's dealt with.

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"Well it's my fist Emmy, I think it's my fifth nomination," said Douglas, who finally clinched the statue for his performance in Behind The Candelabra, in which he played legendary pianist and personality Liberace. Douglas was nominated a number of times for his 1970's TV show The Streets of San Francisco, and when he guest-starred on an episode of Will & Grace.

"Ironically, my fourth nomination was the only other time when I played a gay person," Douglas explained. "A gay undercover officer on Will & Grace. Winning is always a little nicer than being nominated."

Douglas mentioned his jailed son during his acceptance speech, and said that he wished he could see him soon.

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"My son Cameron is in federal prison. He's been, unfortunately, a drug addict for most of his life and was arrested for dealing drugs. It's a non-violent offense but unfortunately, in prison, it's as easy to get drugs, or easier, than it is on the street. And so he's had a couple little slips."

Apparently, for those slips, Cameron Douglas was sentenced to solitary confinement, and his punishment is that he cannot see family members for two years.

Check out the video for more from Michael Douglas about his family, and what it was like working with Matt Damon on Behind The Candelabra.