McConaughey Talks the Evolution of His Career


The celebrities and superstars were out in force last night at the 17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards. Big names from the year's biggest movies walked the red carpet to talk about their films and the honors they were receiving.

The Hollywood Film Awards is essentially the first stop of the awards season and the electric hum of excitement buzzed in the air.

One actor who really had a reason to celebrate was Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey, who was being honored at the ceremony with an Actor of the Year Award.

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"It's 'Actor of the Year,' and I've thought about that a lot today. The last few years have really been a nice evolution for me," McConaughey told ET's Rob Marciano. "I've been able to play some great characters, work with some super directors. And then some of these ones that I've done are living on longer after I've done them and after they've come out… so that feels good to hear them reciprocate back."

He added: "A year later someone will be talking about Mud, or someone will be talking about Magic Mike or Killer Joe. That feels good, cause there's a resonance there."

Another actor who was singled out for a career honor was Ender's Game star Harrison Ford, who received the Hollywood Career Award, a recognition of his talents and achievements during his illustrious years in the business thus far.

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"It's nice. It's very generous and I appreciate it. But as far as I'm concerned I'm midway in my career," Ford said.

When asked if there was something Ford hadn't done, but would like to do, he said, "All the things that I haven't done. Or haven't done well enough."

Check out the video for more from the night's big stars and big winners, including Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Jared Leto.

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