Leto Needs 'Time Away' from Intense 'Buyers Club'

Leto Needs 'Time Away' from Intense 'Buyers Club'

Jared Leto was honored with a Breakthrough Award at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards on Monday, for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

In the film, Leto plays an HIV positive transgender drug addict named Rayon. For the role, Leto lost over 30 pounds, and stayed in character during the duration of filming. But playing a difficult role like Rayon, and committing to it so thoroughly, can make readjusting difficult.

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So difficult that Leto hasn't been able to watch the film. A few days ago Leto walked the red carpet for the Los Angeles screening of Dallas Buyers Club, but chose to leave before the film was shown, and has been very open about not having seen it.

Backstage at the Hollywood Film Awards, Leto opened up to ET's Nancy O'Dell about why he's chosen not to watch the film that many people think may earn him an Oscar nomination.

"I am very curious, but also not masochistic. I wouldn't do that to myself right now," Leto said. "It's too soon… I think I need some time… It was a very, very challenging, very, very special project. And it's probably better to get a little time away."

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However, despite not seeing the film, Leto is thrilled at the movie's success, as well as its recognition at the Hollywood Film Awards, which many consider the first stepping stone on the path to the Oscars.

"It's wonderful to celebrate a film when it works," Leto said. "Most of the time it doesn't work, ya know? These little movies can break your heart. So when it does it's really great."

Leto was just one of many luminaries to be honored at this year's awards. Check out our backstage video for more interviews with stars like Gravity's Sandra Bullock, Leto's Dallas Buyers Club co-star Matthew McConaughey, Fruitvale Station's Michael B. Jordan and many others.

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