Awards Hopefuls Address Budding Oscar Buzz


As the Academy presented its honorary awards at its annual Governors Awards on Saturday, ET caught up with the stars who are expected to be gracing the Oscars red carpet as nominees in February to gauge their thoughts on the buzz surrounding their performances and projects.

"It feels real good to me," said Matthew McConaughey, who is expected to be in the running for an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. "I knew when I read it that it could be something that could be... [a] really excellent story. It had the opportunity to translate really well."

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With the Oscars nearly three months away, the awards hopefuls were just happy to be considered as a contender for an award and to be present on a night on which Steve Martin, Angela Lansbury, Angelina Jolie, and costume designer Piero Tosi were honored.

"It's so competitive this year it's kind of hard to really put the cart before the horse, so I'm just trying to take it literally a day at a time," said Michael B. Jordan of the acclaim his performance in Fruitvale Station is receiving. "It's kind of cool to be in such great company, such a competitive year."

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Although his name hasn't been swept up in the awards buzz, Steve Martin received his first-ever Oscar on Saturday for his cumulative career achievements.

"I tell you, it's a great feeling to be honored," the cherished comedian said with a chuckle. "...It's very exciting because the Academy was what I grew up with and what my heroes were celebrated with: the Oscar. It was very, very unexpected. It's also celebrating my life's work rather than a specific performance, which I really take to heart. I really appreciate that."

Watch the video above for more from the honorees and Oscar hopefuls to hear what they think about Ellen DeGeneres hosting the 2014 Academy Awards.

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