Lady Gaga Explains Her Eccentric Arrival to AMAs


We've come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Lady Gaga, who arrived to Sunday's American Music Awards on a mechanical horse.

ET's Rocsi Diaz caught up with Gaga after her unique entrance to the awards show and discovered the inspiration behind it.

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"It was really just meant to be a nod to the album, 'ARTPOP,'" the 27-year-old pop star revealed. "I spent two years working on this album, and it's really a blend of the past and the future. ... I thought I would give a nod to Bianca Jagger and Studio 54 and arrive on a white horse."

Having just released her third studio album, ARTPOP, Gaga has reached the pinnacle of pop success. Six years after he signed her to his label, rapper and producer Akon reflected on the sensation that Gaga's become.

"Never, absolutely never," the rapper replied when asked if he ever imagined when he first signed Gaga that she would become the success she is now. "She [is] the truth, man. ... She [is] the greatest."

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As for her eccentric arrival to the AMAs, Akon said that the "Applause" singer has the clout to make whatever idea she has a reality.

"It's to a point now [where] whatever she want[s] to do you just figure out a way to make it happen," he said.

Watch the video for more from the AMAs red carpet, including reactions to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's risqué music video.

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