Chad Smith on Chili Peppers' Super Bowl Gig


Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and one of the most anticipated parts of the year's biggest sporting event will be the halftime show performance by Bruno Mars. Joining Bruno onstage will be the Red Hot Chili Peppers and we caught up with the band's drummer, Chad Smith, who revealed his excitement for the joint performance.

"We are, we're playing at the Super Bowl halftime show -- we are the guest of Bruno Mars," he told ET at a pre-Grammy bash in Los Angeles. Besides confirming the performance, Smith didn't provide too many details about the show, although he did joke, "We're going to do a 25-minute version of Dazed and Confused live, the Led Zeppelin version."

Smith was attending last night's first major pre-Grammy party ahead of Sunday's awards ceremony -- a tribute by The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing for music legend Neil Young, whom he said he's always admired. "Neil Young is probably the coolest musician that I know... he's relevant. If I could be a hundredth as cool as Neil Young when I'm his age... one of a kind, fantastic, I love him." 

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Neil Portnow -- the current president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences -- also praised the evening's honoree for his vast contributions to the music industry. "Neil's been making extraordinary music for many, many years," Portnow said. "He's been outspoken, particularly recently, about the need for quality sound, because we work so hard to make these great recordings, and he's just quite brilliant at all of that." 

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Watch the video for more, including two-time Grammy winner Colbie Caillat talking about being excited to meet Neil Young for the very first time! 

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