Billy Ray to Bieber: 'Come Down to Farm' to Talk


Country star Billy Ray Cyrus has some advice for Justin Bieber after the teen pop star's DUI arrest last week -- to slow things down a bit -- and he also said he'd be happy to invite Bieber to his farm.

When asked on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards by ET's Nancy O'Dell about Bieber's run-in with the law while visiting Miami Beach, Fla, Cyrus said he would like to "invite him down to the farm" to take part in more laid-back activities apart from big-city living. "I would invite him down to the farm, hang out at the teepee. Build a fire, you know, get some 4-wheelers out and watch the hawks, and the turkey. Count the deer, and just get back to life for a little bit."

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"Actually that is my invitation to Justin. Bring your dad, come on down to the farm, and let's just build a fire and just talk about it," Cyrus said. 

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