What Advice Did Grammy Stars Give to Bieber?


The Grammy red carpet was jam-packed with celebrities, but one star was notably absent: Justin Bieber. Following his DUI arrest last week, several Grammy stars share their worlds of advice and support to the Biebs with ET. Watch the video!

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Juicy J, Bonnie McKee, Austin Mahone, Mack Wilds and Sarah Hyland were just a few of the stars who took the time to share their words of support, with Juicy J saying, "Everybody makes mistakes -- I think that a lot of people take things overboard, you know what I'm saying? Because we all made mistakes when we were 19 or 20 years old. I think he's cool -- he's probably has, like, a billion dollars in the bank. I think he's going to do alright."

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Bieber was arrested for a DUI last Thursday in Miami Beach, FL after allegedly drag racing on a residential street.

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