Jared Leto Reveals a Hidden 'Natural' Talent

What's Jared Leto's secret talent?

Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Jared Leto went above and beyond the call of duty for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, and he revealed to Nancy O'Dell at the Oscar nominee luncheon that he stayed in character even when he wasn't on set.

"I stayed in the skin as much as I could," said Leto when asked if he stayed in heels when he wasn't shooting. "I didn't feel it was right to step too far away."

When O'Dell pointed out how uncomfortable that must've been, Leto replied, "I think I was a natural."

Leto's co-star Matthew McConaughey raved about the amount of dedication that came from the cast and crew, acknowledging the 20-year uphill battle that it took to get the story told on the big screen.

"We felt a great victory once we wrapped and finished it," said Matthew McConaughey, who is nominated in the Oscar's Best Actor category. "That was enough for us, but now it's getting a lot of light shown on it -- here a year and a half later at the gold standard of our industry's awards. I'm very very honored."

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